H&P's Organics
                        H&P's Organics

The Vegetarian Wool Company



Our 70 odd strong flock of Organic shetland sheep reside here on our sustainable farm on the slopes of the Cothi valley, West Wales. Pencae Mawr Farm has been farmed organically for over 25 years and the sheep are an integral part of the biosphere helping to maintain the traditional landscape that characterises this part of Wales.

   Our Shetties produce high quality coloured fleeces and the Shetland cross Berrichons an equally fine cream Wool, both with long staple and good crimp suitable for all craft work.

   As we do not allow any of our sheep to enter the food chain or market systems, our products are suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans



Our beutifully designed woven goods are made from yarns spun by Blacker Designs at www.thenaturalfibre and then Woven by Curlew Weavers wwww.ccmcrafts.co.uk here in West Wales